Submit basic application info

First level of review on application fit to Industrial market

10 minutes overall time of effort.

IndustryApps is focused on solutions for Industrial markets - This includes digitalization solutions for Factories, warehouses, transportation logistics etc across Industries.

This is our first step of verification. The team will support you to categorize the solution to the right market segment. This is also important to ensure the Sales and marketing efforts for your products are focused on the right customer segments.

Submit basic details of your application

Step1: Go to

Step 2: Click on Create New App

Step 3: Fill in application Name, Category, Industry and other details, then click on Continue

Step 4: Select What all information you need to access from the customer data as AAS

Step 4: Review all the entered information and Confirm

Application list will be updated with the new application

New Application request will be validated by iApps Agent and Approve it from Back Office. After that application Status will be changed to Publish Pending

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