Production deployment

How to deploy your solution for Production instance

Once your App is approved in the Developer instance - IndustryApps will support you to migrate your solution to the Production environment. All documentation including security audit/compliance audits and submission forms will be confirmed by this step. At the end of this process, your App will be visible under for global companies.

All documentations including App submission forms will need to be signed off at this step

Option 1: Hosting as a container

For production instance, we suggest deploying your app inside our ecosystem. All apps need to be containerized and pushed to our container registry. Vendors will be provided with the container registry login credentials after registering in the partner portal.

First, you need to login to the container registry.

docker login -u <username> -p <password>

Every app should be containerized with the name we have provided on the App Data page. eg:

After the image creation, push your app to the registry.

docker push <image_name>

IndustryApps technical team will pull your image, test it, and deploy it in the IndustryApps Ecosystem, and finally, the app will be available in the store.

Option 2: Hosting under IndustryApps VM

If there are challenges to containerize your application. The next option could be to request dedicated VM for your application under IndustryApps cloud. IndustryApps have dedicated cloud instances in Germany and China and depending on the Market focus the right environments can be assigned.

Option 3: Hosting by a public URL

This is the recommended approach if your solution demands special hardware configurations and significant setup efforts. Typical example could be a Platform based solution or Machine learning / AI solutions. Here we will be passing the control to your environment and you need to provide your terms of use and SLA during the App onboarding process.

If your product has special hardware requirement or significant setup efforts

Repository has to be selected “Public” for testing your locally hosted app and release tag to be set “None”

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