Deploy an App via Pre-defined Sidecar

Introduction: Deploying an externally hosted app via Quick start tutorial.

An introduction to developing a simple full-stack application, then publishing it onto the platform using the pre-defined Sidecar through a step-by-step approach. The Tech stack used in the tutorial will be Python FastAPI for our server-side API, served by Nuxt JS, a sub framework of Vue JS. The app will output a JSON response, fetched and displayed on our client-side app.

If you'd like to jump straight into the deployment tutorial with Docker, skip here.


  • Create a Developer account on the platform.

  • Configure a simple FastApi stateless Restful API.

  • Configure & Fetch our API data and display the response on Nuxt js.

  • Write up a docker-compose build for the full-stack app, including the Sidecar.

Register a Developer account

To get access to the required information as part of publishing an app onto the platform, registration is required.

The required details to bear in mind:

  • App Id

  • App Secret Code

  • App Code

Follow the step by step instructions available to register:

pageRegister Developer Account

Complete Basic App Information and publish the application. Once you've completed this step, proceed to build the application.

pageApp basic information

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