Use our Pre-built sidecar

You can download the pre-built sidecar from below

You can execute the downloaded jar as below to register your application to the IndustryApps service registry.

java -jar discoveryClientSideCar-1.0.0.jar --appCode=<<Application Code>> --statusPageUrl=<<App home page/status page URL>> --hostname=<<Application hostname>>

appCode is your App Code, which is available on publish page of your app vendor portal.

statusPageUrl is your app’s landing page URL / URL for status check.

hostname is the host running your app

Please refer to below screenshots for executing sidecar

After a successful register using sidecar, you will be getting registration status as 204

After service registry, IndustryApp platform can show new app inside the Platform

You can check the status of your app using the following URL<your_app_code>

Check for the Status is "UP"

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