Onboard an existing application

Onboarding an existing application that does not require data context from its users or the platform does not require additional authentication beyond application credentials passed through Eureka or the Pre-defined Sidecar. To utilise collected AAS & Submodel data, further configuration is required.

User Context

The IndustryApps platform allows hosted applications to interact with users through a user management and permission system, which is available through the dedicated platform-api.js API that can be integrated into your application.

An authentication token unique to a user is required to utilise AAS & Submodel data collected by users. Additional information can be found in Accessing data exposed by the platform.

The API requires the application to be interacted on the platform. Outside of the platform scope, application authentication is automatically denied. Thus, our dedicated team provides a demo customer portal for testing purposes once the application has been onboarded to the platform.

Application Identification

To utilise data integration exposed by the platform, the application is required to post a request for an access token to a dedicated endpoint. The access token expires 30 seconds after each response by the endpoint.

Each request to the platform endpoints requires both an application access token and a user token available by the user management and permission API. Additional information can be found in Data Integration.

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