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IndustryApps - World's first marketplace for Industry 4.0 solutions. Expose your products to a global customer base.

A US$23 trillion global industrial market is going DIGITAL

AppStore's and digital Marketplaces have revolutionized how consumers use technology. With nearly 90% of the global population using smart devices it has pushed the boundaries of Innovations. A staggering growth has changed the way we live, how we interact, and how we consume.
The Manufacturing Industry on the other hand - a 400 year old sector - has made limited progress in digital adoption. More than 70% of global manufacturing companies still follow paper based manual processes. The digitalization journey was focussing heavily on engineering automation and though, it brought significant improvements to high value, high volume manufacturing like the Automotive or Electronics Industry, it did not add significant benefits for the majority of Industries.
IndustryApps was founded with the vision to drive the successful digital transformation of the B2C consumer space into the B2B Industrial world. And with our revolutionary IndustryApps approach, we are realizing this Vision. Our open AppStore with digital innovations from our solution partners and our unique Ecosystem makes digitalization almost as simple as downloading an App for your smartphone, while fulfilling Industrial needs for data sovereignty, data ownership, data security and Industrial standard adherence.

The Industrial Tech market is expected to grow to US$ 23 Trillion by 2026

Digitalization is a key priority for 8 out of 10 Industrial companies

New entrants and established players both are entering the space with new solutions and technologies

A wide range of companies are offering digital solutions for industrial applications across the value chain. From the digitalization of traditional solutions like MES, OEE, work instructions, maintenance, material flow, Lean Management to IoT, Machine learning, Predictive maintenance, Predictive quality or Bots, the diversity of innovative solutions and technologies is growing rapidly.
1000s of new entrants targeting Industry 4.0 space - Industrial tech investment in Europe grown 8X times to 1.8$ Billion by 2020

Common challenges faced by all

Commercial Challenges:
  • Cost driven decision making – minimizing the bottom-line impact
  • Fear of wrong decision – the market is very dynamic and intransparent
  • Long sales cycle time - typically 4-12 months or more
  • Complex sales process, multiple departments involved (IT, Operations, Finance, Purchasing)
Deployment and Adoption Challenges
  • Multiple stages before decision making – Proof of Concept, Pilot for scaled projects
  • Long deployment cycle - Changing customer demands, User adoption rate, Training efforts
  • High cost of winning customer - Infrastructure, resource investments, configuration modifications
Infrastructure & Support Challenges
  • Legal Barriers for Cloud & Hosting, Local entities required
  • Local language adaptations, local office support, 24/7 support requirements
  • Cross border services and invoicing is complex
87% of companies struggle to grow beyond 10M$ in Annual revenue. Key reason - The cost of scaling beyond your local country or region is very high.

What if we can cover you from these challenges

and MORE...
With our revolutionary open AppStore approach and with our Platform and Infrastructure, we are here to help drive your global reach and business success. With our AppStore, we act as an additional distribution channel and we are responsible for the infrastructure and initial support. Your IP is fully protected through the Solution Partner Terms. We help you to gain global reach, without the risks and challenges involved:
No additional cost for you:
  • Sales – We give your solutions additional exposure and global reach through our AppStore and our fast-growing global business network. We reduce your Sales and marketing cost
  • Infrastructure - We reduce the Cloud and infrastructure cost
  • Deployment – We work together on a Plug and play deployment of your solutions.
    We reduce your deployment cost
  • Local support - We provide initial support and local language support
    We reduce your support cost
  • Trials – We provide a testing environment for trials or Proof of Concept
    We reduce your Trial and PoC cost
  • Finance – We follow up with the customers, you receive your subscription licence cost from us independent from our customer receivables.
    We reduce your Finance cost
  • Reporting – full transparency on your global customer subscriptions and income
Additional Support for you:
  • Business experts – feedback from Industry experts on additional opportunities
  • Language adaptation – we can help with local language adaptations and customer support
  • Investment – Additional Exposure to VCs through transparent reporting on your business growth and reach
Your consulting income:
  • If your software requires consulting, that’s your income. You may invoice the customer directly or in some cases, a customer may request invoicing through us (one-stop-shop)
  • If you need help with local partners or hardware, we are happy to help (these efforts are charged by us directly to the customer)
Additional Questions? Reach out to us!
"With IndustryApps we today have access to customers in China, Australia and South east Asia. being a Europe based start up it would have been almost impossible - Best part we already won customers in these countries"
Aleksander Niemczyk, CEO - Ruby Logic EU
IndustryApps is an effective additional sales channel for your business. While you focus on creating innovative solutions, we focus on giving you a global market reach