AAS Instance

How to share information back to Digital twin.

Interoperability is a critical feature of Industry 4.0. Assets in Industry 4.0 should be able to share information along both horizontal and vertical value chain with no limitations over technology frameworks or protocols or evolving standards.

IndustryApps enables this feature by simply ensuring every application is able to not just read data from a digital twin but able to share information back to Digital twin. This section explains how you can inject your own SubModel back into as Asset.

Every Application in IndustryApps has ability to share information back to its Digital Twin. This allow solutions to interoperate and deliver additional value to our customers.

Adding your own Digital Twin Model

Here you can publish and add your own Digital Twin. This is relevant if your solution works with a specific hardware like an IoT sensor or a specific gateway. You can build Digital twin of your asset and ship them to your customers to also have a simple plug and play experience.

This section if only relevant for solutions with dependency on specific Hardware assets like IoT. For all others please see Submodel instances

Adding a Submodel Instance

This is where you add your own Sub model instance to existing Asset. APIs documentations on how to inject an AAS is provided under the Developer documentation section. Delivering data back to Digital twin would allow other applications to react to changes.

For eg: Lets assume you have an OEE application that measure machine state and productivity in real time. if you publish the result back to Digital twin, then another solution which offers say Maintenance or Production scheduling can offer alerts and notifications to customers or even specific functionalities to make it the solutions inclusive.

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