Basic Requirements

Basic pre-requisites to Applications which can be onboarded on IndustryApps

You application is stateless

It is explicit by saying that web applications should be stateless, as web applications should be stateless unless there is a very good reason to have a state. A shopping cart is a stateful feature by design and denying that is counterproductive. What our proposal is to make these state persevere on the client-side rather than at the server-side. If it is not possible, keep a shared resource for instances to store that data and retrieve. IndustryApps platform expects your application to be stateless, so we can increase and decrease the number of instances based on the load.

Your application supports multitenancy

IndustryApps is a platform used by multiple clients called tenants. We must take care not to share the data of each tenant. ie if your application needs to store some data, you must be cautioned on tenants. Currently, tenant is a Key combination of companyId and plantId of each user.

IndustryApps focuses on Industrial solutions. Your product should be proven and already deployed in at least 1 reference factory site any where in the world. It is always a best practice to provide references to support customers decision.

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