APIs | Data Integration

Apps can access all IndustryApps Master Data as Asset Administration Shells.
AAS works with an on-demand access permission management system in IndustryApps. Apps can request access to different asset types, which the subscribed customer can allow or deny for each asset in their plant. Only the customer allowed assets will be accessible to the Apps.
An App's access permission is evaluated by an access token. Endpoints in the following sections illustrate how to access AAS & Submodel data categories via Masterdata, Transactional data.

Getting Access Token

Access token can be generated using a REST API.
Token Generation
Generated Access Token is valid for only 300 seconds. It should be refreshed in the interval or it should be regenerated.

Accessing Data

Rest APIs for AAS, Submodels, and SubmodelElements have a generic URL pattern. All IDs in URL Params (eg: aasId) should be URL Encoded.
You can use APIs described below to access the data. You can also use our postman public workspace to see and experience the APIs.
APIs Postman Demo