App Permission

Step to get data from IndustryApps OS

One of the critical challenge of Industrial solution deployment is Masterdata and integration with underlying systems ( IT or OT ). This is one of the top reason for high deployment cost for Industrial solutions. Industryapps solves this challenge in a unique approach based on Industrial Operating system.

As a developer you get all data from customer environment like Factory, Machines, Users, Products etc in a standardized form. This makes it possible for you to make your product plug and play.

This step will solve the challenge of integrating with customer's local IT/OT landscape. Data access is standardized using interoperable standards of AAS.

Request basic data:

Under App permission section you have option to request information which is critical for your application. This could include Site ( Plant ) information, User information, Machine information, Tool information, Product information etc. Simply select information which is relevant for your solution. The data is provided as an Asset Administration shell ( which is a digital twin representation of an asset).

Under an Asset administration shell information are divided into data blocks called SubModels. You could request blocks which is only relevant for you. For eg: Lets say you have an application for Maintenance now you may only require basic machine information like name, description or production line details or even 3D models or images of machines. Then you only need to request two blocks which are BASIC and DOCUMENTATION. All these details are available under this block which will be shared to you.

For Application onboarding a Demo instance with data will be offered to you to test and simulate your solution

You could drill down each Submodel block to see exact information which is available under each section. This data block and structure are standardized across companies and follow the standard SubModel structure as defined in the Industry 4.0 standards.

The real benefit for customers is a central flexible Masterdata layer. Load data once and then utilize any solutions from IndustryApps store with out creating new interfaces or duplicating data.

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