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Wrapped up

The Benefits of IndustryApps

  • Infrastructure managed by the IndustryApps platform, reducing overhead and complexity, a SaaS application ready to be deployed within days rather than months of development.
  • Data security standardised across the board with secured cloud integration, all data ownership secured for customers.
  • Refined, clean data ready to be integrated and utilised in your SaaS applications through a plug & play experience.
  • User management and permission system out of the box ready to be utilised by your applications.
  • Faster Growth to global markets with reduced sales cycles.

What it looks like

IndustryApps exhibits your application on the Appstore according to which markets you'd like to expose your product. One of the many benefits of hosting the application is how the product is marketed via various channels such as Industry forums, Industrial magazines, SME work groups, Expert panels and influencer channels all the while no direct involvement is required until customer identification and subscription, resulting in reduced overhead with increase of exposure.
The application page consists of features, benefits, snapshots and additional information which markets your product for optimal reach and automated sales.
Application information

What changes?

Your SaaS application does not require more than some minor modifications to fit to frame for platform integration. No architectural changes are needed, and months of investment into your application's development turn into weeks. Once integrated, your product will be globally accessible to hundreds of factories and industries waiting to utilise your solutions.
Application changes while integrating onto IndustryApps

To find out more about UX, check out user experience.

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