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Is it possible to receive an app token (using my App ID and App Secret Code) while in development locally or is it only possible after publishing?

It's only possible to test the app token after publishing your application via the demo customer portal or once it is deployed. Our dedicated team can provide credentials to the demo platform for this purpose. Check Testing for further example.

How do I test user tokens and permissions using the platform-api.js function getPlatformContext?

As mentioned in Testing Your Application, you can use demo user context available to check functionality operates as intended. To test full features of your app our team can offer a demo instance to test before publishing.

I don't have a hostname yet for my app, but I want to test my applications functionality which is going to be hosted externally. What are my options?

There are a few common options available for free or an affordable rate:

Once you've either uploaded your app to an AWS server or used Ngrok as a temporary hostname you can use as an example a Sidecar by following the Sidecar guide to connect your app to your IndustryApps account.

We've completed our application and decided to connect our app via the pre-defined Sidecar. The registration indicated it has been successful with a status code 204 however, we cannot see our application on the platform. What can be done?

This type of issue may be caused by various parameters to do with forwarding the application to the platform.

Please reach out to our dedicated team in case the available solutions do not solve the issue.

Receiving platform-api.js Error with getPlatformContext() method.
// An error while using the getPlatformContext() call in an app component
// or page.
SyntaxError: Unexpected token u in JSON at position 0
    at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)
    at getPlatformContext (platform-api.js:1:258)

If you are seeing an Unexpected token, generally it is caused while invoking getPlatformContext(), the method returned an undefined response resulting in the error above. Consider the following:

App Hosted Externally The application is hosted externally such as on Azure, AWS or Google Cloud, and is being used outside of the platform scope (either published and deployed or through the demo customer portal provided by our team for testing purposes). In which case, the user context will not be available outside of these environments. Please try again under one of these environments to confirm if this is the root cause for the issue.

Can we integrate the IndustryApps Single Sign-on externally to our applications platform as a means of user login outside of the IndustryApps Platform?

IndustryApps Aims to provide a complete solution to its users so that applications can be used interchangeably according to the users needs. A one stop solution for Industry 4.0. It is not possible to integrate Single Sign-on outside of the IndustryApps platform.

The SSO function provides an alternative authentication and authorisation method for users to access applications restricted resources without the requirement for a secondary login and provide a sign on solution for users accessing the IndustryApps Appstore.

If the available troubleshooting techniques do not resolve the issue you are experiencing, reach out to our dedicated team via partnersupport@industryapps.net.

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