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IndustryApps application development guideline

There are no technology barriers for creating an application for the IndustryApps platform. You need to comply with certain standards to make your application work with the platform.

Check out Docker Information for our most recommended option for deployment & connecting onto the platform by pushing your application onto the IndustryApps docker container registry.

IndustryApps uses an Application Service Registry (Service Discovery) to keep track of all app instances. The apps should register to the Service Registry to get the apps discoverable in the customer platform.

We use the Netflix Eureka to implement the Service Registry. Our Customer Platform will be the Eureka Server and the apps will be working as Eureka clients. Full understanding of Netflix Eureka is not required but only provided as a reference for architecture.

Eureka client integration will be simple using the dependency libraries available for different programming languages and frameworks. These client libraries are provided as solutions for implementing Eureka service discovery as an additional integration into your existing application. I.e. these libraries are to be utilised and integrated as Eureka frameworks and to have IndustryApps credentials be placed in to connect to the platform. There are other options available if this does not fit to your applications needs.

By referring to the libraries below, you can utilise these according to your tech stack of choice. Alternatively, you may use the Pre-built Sidecar without requiring to make modification to your application.

Available Eureka Client Libraries

Application Properties

Utilising the Eureka service discovery by endpoints within your application will require the URL available below. To get a further understanding please refer to the available sample applications.

Eureka Server:

Sample Apps

The following applications are provided as a reference for demonstration on utilising Eureka service discovery within your applications. Alternatively, you may use the Pre-defined Sidecar.

Java Sample App

Flask Sample App

If the available libraries don't fit your application or you don't want to use any third-party libraries, you can implement the service discovery client on your own.

If you are experiencing issues connecting via Eureka endpoints or the Pre-defined Sidecar, check out FAQs, Testing or reach out to our dedicated team via

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