Application pre-requisites

Fit to Industry 4.0

This section provides details of basic requirements for Application to be on boarded on IndustryApps.

Technology fit:

The product should be cloud ready and following a scalable architecture - Target of IndustryApps is make your product accessible to global customer - not with the classical approach of local consulting and premise deployments. Please refer to basic requirements for details

Architecture & Security fit:

Our customers are Industrial manufacturers and leading companies. It is important to be transparent in terms of security and architectural components enabled in your solution. IndustryApps will be providing you with a basic questionnaire and performing some assessment to ensure your product fit.

Business Model Fit:

IndustryApps target is to offer a mode where your solution can be deployed as plug & play at customer instance and all master data requirements are automatically loaded. The customer experience we want to offer is customer is able to use your solution as soon as they subscribe. The only exception will be if there are specific additional data requirements.

The platform allows your product to operate in a Plug and play method by offering you all the master data and transactional data over a standard API. But if your solution cannot be offered this way and require specific customization or local infrastructure then it may not be a possible fit.

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