The Big Picture
What do we really do?
IndustryApps vision is to replicate the success of Appstore and Marketplace in B2C to B2B world.
We want to enable Industrial solution providers market their products to Global Industrial companies in a quick, scalable and efficient way. Reducing your sales cycle time and ensuring your reach to global markets with out investing heavily on regional offices or cloud infrastructure.
You have made a great product - We want to make it accessible to industrial companies.
Matching Supply - Demand for Industrie 4.0
Any product or solutions across horizontal or vertical value chain could be offered via the platform.
That means: Not only a business partner in his factory environment can benefit from the IndustryApps platform. Even his suppliers and customers can.
Enable the data/ information exchange and updated maintenance or spare-part information from an equipment supplier can be digitally distributed through our platform. Or the technical information and quality data of the products sold to a customer.
There is unlimited opportunities in the IndustryApps ecosystem. And we are just at the beginning…
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